We specialise in ACT and NSW conveyancing as well as a variety of other property transactions.

We believe in a simple ethos – high quality legal advice and highly efficient and proactive service from a team who put their clients first.

There are not many things more stressful than buying or selling a property, we understand this and ensure that we work closely and harmoniously with various stakeholders such as real estate agents, banks and mortgage brokers to ensure your purchase/sale goes smoothly and efficiently.

Our solicitors and conveyancers are experienced in all aspects of property law and represent a wide range of clients throughout the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales. We act for first time buyers as well as experienced property developers and investors in a range of different transaction types, such as land rent and land rent payout matters, new build and split contracts, off the plan purchases, established property purchases and related party transfers.

We also assist landlords and tenants with respect to commercial tenancies and understand the issues and perspectives of both sides of the transaction to ensure our client’s position is fully protected.


WMG Legal is experienced in advising clients on a range of commercial transactions. We are known for our practical, commercial and thorough approach to commercial and business related matters while providing a cost effective  solution.

We advise on a majority of commercial related transactions including the sale and purchase of small and medium sized businesses, the drafting of commercial agreement such as Shareholder’s Agreements, Sale of Share Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Loan Agreements and General Security Deeds.

In many cases, we are instructed from the outset, including the negotiations, due diligence and heads of terms and we advise clients at the earliest stage of relevant issues for their consideration.


WMG Legal has considerable experience in the drafting and the preparing of Wills and Powers of Attorney as well as the administration of Deceased Estates.

A Will is a legal document that appoints a Personal Representative/Executor to be in charge of settling your final affairs and insuring that your beneficiaries receive their inheritance. A Will sets out what powers your Personal Representative/Executor will have and who will inherit your property as well as directing how and when your property will ultimately be transferred to your Beneficiaries.  In some cases, it may be possible for a person to challenge your Will that disinherits them, the provision of proper and timely legal advice may save your Estate and your Beneficiaries a considerable amount of money and anguish.

Depending on the size of the Estate, a Grant of Representation may be required. This is either a Grant of Probate or a Grant of Letters of Administration. The Grant is a Court sealed document issued by the Probate Registry to either the Executors (where there is a Will) or to the Administrators (where there is no Will or no surviving Executors). A Personal Representative/Executor has a duty to ensure the deceased debts are paid and the Estate distributed in accordance with the Will or the Intestacy Rules, which set out who (out of the surviving relatives) is entitled to a share of the Estate. WMG Legal understand the complex nature of this area of the law and is committed to the proper and timely administration of Estates.


WMG Legal has extensive experience in personal injury matters and has a track record of successfully assisting clients in claims relating to car, motorcycle and workplace accidents.

There are strict time limits that apply when making a claim in the Australian Capital Territory. It is vital that you engage a solicitor who understands the process and can maximise the claim on your behalf. Wayne Warton worked as a senior manager for one of Australia’s largest insurers, managing personal injury claims for more than 15 years. He understands how insurance companies work and uses this knowledge to assist you with your claim.

We work on a no win-no fee basis and take great pride in fighting for our clients to receive the compensation they deserve and keeping them updated and informed throughout the legal process.

If you have been in an accident, please contact us for a no-obligation phone consultation.


When a commercial dispute is unavoidable, it is worth seeking expert advice before positions become entrenched and relationships completely breakdown.

WMG Legal works closely with our clients to understand their business and the issues they are facing, working in unison with our clients to resolve disputes successfully.

At WMG Legal we are committed to managing and resolving disputes as swiftly and efficiently as possible and we are able to advise our clients on the best way to achieve this. This may result in the need for litigation or arbitration, but equally, we can assist to resolve your dispute through negotiation, mediation or some other form of alternative dispute resolution (or often a combination).

Where litigation is the only option or the best solution for a client, WMG Legal will provide quality legal advice and service at an affordable price.