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Building & Construction

Building and construction lawyer Canberra based

If you are looking for legal guidance with a building or construction project, look no further than WMG Legal Canberra. We are a team of qualified professionals who have legal experience in the building and construction industries. Our team provides legal solutions and advice that Canberra businesses and residents can rely on.

At WMG Legal Canberra, our legal experts can handle a wide range of construction and building disputes including…

  • Construction contract disputes
  • Commercial disputes
  • Front-end contractual advice
  • Security of payment advice

Our construction lawyers and contract solicitors can offer you expert advice and help you mediate a resolution with other parties involved in the construction project. Should mediation not be successful, we can guide and support you through litigation.

Why trust our legal construction team?


Some people mistakenly believe that hiring a lawyer for legal advice or representation is too costly and will stretch their construction budget significantly. In reality, receiving the right legal advice is much more cost-effective than letting a problem faster or trying to work through it independently for an indefinite amount of time. At WMG Legal Canberra, our lawyers will work with you to minimise costs to ensure the profitability of your company or domestic construction budget is impacted as little as possible. Expert help can resolve problems quickly, which is much more cost-effective in the long term.

Clear communication

When a contract is breached, or a legal dispute arises between two parties, communications can often become unclear, or even hostile. When you hire an experienced lawyer, they will ensure communication between all parties is clear and productive. Our team will explain legal jargon to you clearly, so you have an in-depth and thorough understanding of your legal situation. Legal disputes can be overwhelming, but we will be with you at every stage of the process.

Who does WMG Legal Canberra represent?

Over our years working in the legal industry, we have represented and provided advice for a wide range of clients, including developers, contractors, sub-contractors, builders, landowners and property owners. From providing advice about planning approval disputes to ensuring a contract is compliant, we have experience in all areas of building and construction.

Contact our team today

If you are looking for a building and construction lawyer Canberra based, get in touch with WMG Legal Canberra today. Simply provide us with the details of the legal issue you are facing, and our team will be in touch shortly to discuss your needs. We are qualified lawyers who firmly believe that reliable legal advice shouldn’t cost the earth.

To learn more about our professional services, contact us today.

Contact WMG Legal for a free no obligation quote or to arrange a consultation with one of our friendly and experienced lawyers.